ICANSL’s LearnTech initiative is designed to enable students from as young as 8 years gain basic computer knowledge and be able to utilize them in solving day to day challenges.

Our goal is to train every young person in relevant ICT skills so that they can become computer literate and can turn their knowledge into income. Sierra Leone is currently ranked at the bottom half of countries with the lowest computer skills. Students and Teachers have little or no knowledge of basic computer skills and university graduates are finding it difficult to use basic Office software tools, as a result, making them unemployable.

ICANSL has decided to solve this challenge by offering computer lessons and ICT training to primary and secondary students within the school system as an extracurricular activity, as well as offer afterschool and Saturday classes for those who miss out.

Our mobile ICT school will train students in Computing and Information Technology, Office software tools and we will work in partnership with each school to provide free websites, social media sites and newsletters produced by the ICT students on a monthly basis after 3 months of learning ICT.


The purpose of this partnership is to enable schools to offer their students ICT as a subject on an extra-curricular basis, at a minimum price of LE 10,000 per student per class.  Teachers will be offered a similar service. With basic ICT Skills, students will be able to use the computer efficiently and produce documents and data that will enable the school to become information efficient.  Students will learn how to use the internet, social media, writing blogs for their schools and producing flyers, newsletters, graphics using newly acquired ICT skills.

ICANSL will offer a curriculum spread over three terms as follows;

Term 1:

  • Understanding basic Computing and Information Technology (4 classes)
  • Microsoft Word (4 classes)
  • Exam and Coursework (1 class)

Term 2

  • Microsoft Powerpoint (4 classes)
  • Microsoft Excel (4 classes)
  • Exam and Coursework (2 classes)

Term 3

  • The Internet of Things (6 Classes)
  • Creating your own websites/blog site (4 classes)
  • Exam and Coursework (1 class)

This is the basic syllabus which will be offered year to year as well as a progressive syllabus including coding, programming and digital content creation for students who have completed the first year of training.

Each institution of learning shall select either a morning or afternoon shift made up of three hours of training for 3 one hour sessions of 30 students.

Morning shift – 9 am to 12 pm


Afternoon shift – 1 pm to 4 pm

Students who cannot make these classes can join our after-school classes at 26g Kissy Blackhall Road from 5 pm to 7 pm for 1-hour sessions at the same price.


We also offer a Saturday school from 10 am to 5 pm for students. Each class is for one hour and registration is required for all classes.