Are you in need of your own brand email address like instead of the regular or Contact us now and we will set it up for you ASAP.Are you in need of your own brand email address like instead of the regular or Contact us now and we will set it up for you ASAP.+23230745992 / +23288567445 www.icansl.orgStill don`t know why you should have your own email? Continue readingu2026Why your small business needs its own email addressIn our recent post, we shared tips on u201cWebsite Design Guideu201d for your business (what it takes to have a Professional Website).Once you have a website, you should also consider a custom email address, you can also have your own email with or without a website. A custom email address helps you create a professional image and boosts your businessu2019 credibility.Another important reason for setting up customized email addresses for your business is the flexibility it gives you. For instance, when selecting your custom email address, you can select email aliases for various departments such as or . This provides more clarity to your customers when they communicate with you as opposed to routing all communications to one free email address. Email aliases will also direct to one inbox so that you can read and reply to all emails through the appropriate alias as well as categories inquiries.When you have your own custom email addresses you also have full control over them. For instance, you can easily create new ones or remove inactive ones. When a new employee joins your company, you can easily set up one for him or her and create more custom addresses as you hire more staff.Lastly, getting a custom email address for your business is important because it makes you and your business more memorable in your customersu2019 inbox. It helps to build a brand. Imagine your customers getting an email from instead of Which email do you think they are most likely to open and respond to?With, they instantly remember you and your business and can decide quickly whether they want to engage with you or not. Todayu2019s customers are always on the go and are usually pressed for time. Therefore, making the best impression whenever you send email communications to their inbox can really give your business a competitive advantage.Now we have given you free tips on why you need your own email instead of Gmail or Yahoo, feel free to contact us to set it up for you now.Contacts. +23230745992 / +23288567445 www.icansl.orgOther services Mobile ICT TrainingWebsite DesignLogo Designu2714Mobile AppsCartoon/Animation VideoOnline Forms and more.